Project Development

Green Dimension has been working in the renewable energy sector for 10 years and has a dedicated team of engineering and environmental professionals. Our approach is informed by our experience, technical expertise and commitment to developing projects that are both sensitive and appropriate to the local environment and community.

What is involved in developing a medium-scale wind power project?

A significant amount of work can be required to bring a renewable energy project from conception through to feasibility, planning, financing, installation and commissioning. We use our experience to tailor the work done to match the specific requirements of the site and the nature and scale of the proposed installation.

For example, there are many and varied issues to be addressed in delivering a 'single turbine’ wind power project – any one of which could result in the project not going ahead. A rigorous and systematic approach is needed in order to minimise the costs and risks of development as well as a dogged determination and a commitment to finding solutions to problems that inevitably arise.

Pre-assessment Studies
Before selecting a site for a renewable energy project we undertake a detailed pre-assessment study. We look at all aspects of the project from financial viability to technical feasibility and environmental impact. This process enables us to minimise the costs and risks associated with the development phase.

Wind Resource Assessment
A good understanding of the wind resource at a site is vital in order to demonstrate financial viability of a project. It also informs the selection of appropriate wind turbine equipment which is key in ensuring reliable and successful operation. Invariably we will install a met mast for onsite wind monitoring in order to gather the required level of data.

Community Consultation and Involvement
Wherever possible we are keen to encourage the active involvement of the local community in order to maximise the opportunity for the local as well as global benefits of our projects. We are committed to engaging in an honest and straightforward dialogue with those living in the vicinity to our sites in order to explain the development and address any concerns that they may have.

Aviation and Telecommunications
We undertake a consultation process with aviation and telecommunications stakeholders to ensure that our developments will not interrupt their vital operations. This includes radar for civil and military aircraft and critical communications links for utility companies and the emergency services. This is often a lengthy and involved process and mitigation strategies can be needed.

We undertake detailed assessments of the local environmental impacts of our developments including noise, visual and landscape impact and ecology. This work allows us to demonstrate that our developments strike an appropriate balance between the wider global sustainability benefits and more local impacts. Where possible we implement mitigation strategies, such as micrositing of the turbine, in order to reduce or eliminate detrimental effects. We undertake consultations with relevant organisations such as Natural England, the RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage.

Wind Turbine Supply
The selection of wind turbine model and manufacturer is critical for the success of projects over both the short and long term. With a growing number of manufacturers entering this market with new products it has become increasingly important to undertake appropriate due diligence. We have strong relationships with trusted suppliers and install reliable wind turbines with proven track records.

We use established and professional contractors to undertake the installation and commissioning of our projects.

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